Slicks racing

An Atari 2600 game

You are a retired race car driver who spent his entire career in the shadow of more successful drivers. But even so, it has brought you enough money to live in relative comfort. You've spent your whole life fighting your inner demons. You drank, met many women, and in the end you underachieved. You feel like you could have done so much better if only you weren't so weak back then. So here you sit - old and grumpy, drowning in self pity. Suddenly, you feel an urge to fight your way out of this pit of despair. "Yeah, that’s it!" you say to yourself. "I’ll visit all my favourite tracks and break my old records! And if I find someone to race, we’ll have a duel!" You buy your plane tickets and set out on your mission…


Physical Cartridge!

We made a limited batch of 50 physical cartridges for your Atari 2600 console.

Cartridge price is $30 (or 30 EUR) which includes the cartridge, printed manual, small gift and also economy international shipping. 
Cartridges left: 0

If you're interested, please contact Vojta here:
(or send PM to “nooly” at AtariAge, or try: )


Download Slicks Racing Atari 2600 game for NTSC and PAL60, with manual.


Programming, music: Vojta “nooly” Nedvěd
Graphics: Petr “Raist” Šťastný

Old LowFuel website:


We're more than happy if you just download our game and play it for free. However, a great amount of time and effort was put into creating the game so if you want to support and encourage us in further game development, you can donate via PayPal.